Ang Pagtaltal sa Bala-an Bukid is a Lenten presentation at the island on the hillside of Jordan, Guimaras. It is an annual re-enactment of Christ's passion and crucification, staged by the people of Guimaras, every Good Friday. One of the most spectacular religious festivals.
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Manggahan Festival

This yearly festival is the most colorful event of the year. Guimaras is known for its beautiful beaches and the delicious sweet mango's.The highlights of this festival are trade fairs and exhibits, food festival, nightly shows, entertainment and the election of the most beautiful miss and mister of the province.
Photos from Guimaras Website - www.guimaras.gov.ph
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Festivals may be religious and cultural based, showcase of the livelihood culture, beliefs, tradition of the history of the municipalities. Balsahan, Bulantihan, Sadsaran and Palayag festivals embrace the unique feast of senses. For more information see the website www.guimaras.gov.ph and you also can ask for information via E-mail guimarastourism@yahoo.com.

Guimaras Island

The Island Guimaras is situated between the islands of Panay and Negros in western Visayas with islets nearby the south and the south-east coast. Guimaras is known as the "mango-island" because of its sweetest mangoes in the world. The other major products are rice, coconut, pineapple, vegetables, cashew, poultry, citrus, corn and rootcrops such as sweet potato, cassava and marine/fishery products. Great places to visit are mountain-resort Valle Verde, Trappist Monastery, Navalas Church, the Bondulan Point with its monumental cross which is visited by pilgrims during Holy week, Turtle Island, Guisi Lighthouse and Daliran Cave. Guimaras also has its share of pristine beaches such as Alubihod, Guisi, Villa Igang and a lot of beach-resorts.
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