Pine Haven

The first healthy and smoke-free hotel of Guimaras

 The hotel was completed in 2007, situated on about 1000m2 of grounds and surrounded by a beautiful garden with palm trees, exotic plants and garden-restaurant. Upon entering the hotel, you'll be welcomed in the cozy lounge with bar and terrace. All five bedrooms are fully airconditioned. The bathrooms have hot and cold shower.

The hotel is located in the town San Miguel in the Municipality of Jordan, Guimaras.

The Island of Guimaras is situated between the Island of Panay and Negros in Western Visayas with islets nearby the south and south-east coast. Guimaras is known as the "mango island" because of its sweetest mangoes in the world. Its other agricultural products are pineapple, cashew-nuts, coconuts and fishery products.

There are other great places to visit such as spring-resort in Valle Verde, Trappist Monastery, Turtle-Island, Daliran Cave and the Bondulan Point with its monumental cross which is visited by pilgrims during Holy Week. Guimaras also has its share of pristine beaches such as Alubihod, Guisi, Villa Igang and the beach-resorts Baras, Colmanares and Isla Naburot.

For extensive information of Guimaras we refer to the inquiry-paper in the hotel, or you may visit for more info.


 How to get there:

Guimaras can be reached by 50 minutes flight from Manila to Iloilo or by the sea from Manila Port within 18 hours of travel time.

By Plane:

From Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan, take a taxi en route to Ortiz pier and travel to Jordan pier via pump boat.

By Ferry:

From Fort San Pedro in Iloilo, take a taxi to Ortiz pier and travel to Jordan Pier via pumpboat.

On the Jordan Pier, we have shuttle service to fetch the guests to the Pine Haven hotel.